Commemorating Black April 30th

Keep Hope Alive! Perform by community choir.

"When ever talking about Vietnam War, most of the US politicians, officials, journalists, or political pundits would mention it in a way the war is their own, the South Vietnamese at that moment seem to be invisible or just the bystanders, bearing no brunt of the war effort. But there was one day, only one single day in which all of them would shy away from that claim. The day they have nothing to do with that war. The day they return the outcome back to the South Vietnamese: The APRIL 30th 1975.

For that reason, one has heard some very familiar words like "The Fall of Saigon," "Evacuation," "Frequent Wind Operation," etc. Those technical terms and euphemism are conveniently served just like the toilet papers to cover somebody's own mistakes and to wipe out his embarrassing accident. So let's tell straight out what it is on that day: Cut-and-run."

Below are pictures from the commemorate the April 30th at our community.

National anthems of the U.S. and South Vietnam

Guests and people in the community

State Representative: Mr. John Burnett

General Steve Burkheiser

Guests attending the commemorate

Community's choir performing on the stage

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