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After the fall of Saigon in 1975, hundred thousands of Vietnamese refugees immigrated to the United States, fleeing from the religious and political oppression of the communist regime. Today, more than 15 thousands Vietnamese Americans are living in Kansas City metropolitan areas. Since our arrival, we have been an active part of the community. Many Vietnamese became the United State citizen, many of them own businesses, work in manufacturing and high tech industries; attend local schools, have raised families, and are productive citizen in the City of Kansas City.

Throughout these years, small, local Vietnamese groups have made efforts to coordinate various social events. However, without a central organization directing and promoting these events, they were usually small-scale and failed to draw large numbers. In November 2004, the Vietnamese American Community of Greater Kansas City (VACKC) was officially established to represent all Vietnamese Americans in the City of Kansas City and vicinity.

VACKC works to organize and promote various programs throughout the year. The purpose of these programs are to share with the community at large the Vietnamese cultural and heritage.

One of the biggest event that is held each year is “Tet in Kansas City”, where the community comes together to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Tet in Kansas City is a fun and festive event for all people. Our programs continue to grow in popularity; each year, the event attracts an increasing number of attendances from both the Vietnamese community and the public at large.

We also organized annual health fair for people in the community. We attracted more than 30 healthcare vendors come to the event.

We have Social Exchange programs, Citizenship programs for those who want to become US citizen.

We also have Diversity enrichment programs in our community and outreach to other ethnic group and communities.

There are also more coverage from the TV news media, the Kansas City Star, Radio of University of Kansas City Missouri (UMKC) KCUR 98.9 FM, Local Fox4, Channel 12 Kansas City, and local Vietnamese Weekly Newspaper and radio.

We encourage you to join us either a member of a sponsor. VACKC always needs your support in order to achieve our goals and to continue our missions.

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